Material Issue 2Contributing to the development of vibrant local communities as social and living infrastructure

Working together with NGOs / NPOs and harmonious

Support for NGO / NPO activities through Connecting Dreams Foundation Donation


The FamilyMart Connecting Dreams Foundation Donation name comes from the concept of “playing a role as a bridge between customers and the NGOs / NPOs that work to better society.” To each organization, FamilyMart donates what it collects as well as a matching donation. This fund becomes the Disaster Relief Fund when major disasters occur, with proceeds allocated to providing support to disaster-affected areas. Since 1993, when we became the first convenience store company to set up donation boxes in stores, we have collected donations totaling ¥5,420,041,391. This is an example of how we use our stores as donation collection sites to help improve local communities.

Support for NGO / NPO activities through Connecting Dreams Foundation Donation

*Matching donation: Donations made by a company or other organization of a certain percentage of the total donations collected.

Serving as a Japan-U.S. bridge for future generations

Through donations made to the U.S.-Japan Council's TOMODACHI Initiative, we provide support for programs aimed at giving young people the international perspective needed for global success. The program targets female high school students in Fukushima prefecture, which was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

3 female employees participating in the program
3 female employees participating in the program

Joint project conducted by FamilyMart and Save the Children Japan

In 2013 FamilyMart concluded the Global Partnership Program Agreement with Save the Children Japan. Using proceeds from the FamilyMart Global Children's Fund, which is exclusively for child disaster prevention and mitigation, FamilyMart works with Save the Children Japan to engage in disaster prevention and mitigation activities for children in countries and regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, where FamilyMart has stores.

Joint project conducted by FamilyMart and Save the Children Japan
Swimming classes to prevent water accidents (Thailand)
© Save the Children Thailand Swimming classes to prevent water accidents (Thailand)
Firefighting drills to prepare for disaster (Indonesia)
© Save the Children IndonesiaFirefighting drills to prepare for disaster (Indonesia)

Activities as a partner of the World Food Programme's Corporate Program

In solidarity with the activities of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme that seek to stamp out hunger around the world, FamilyMart has provided support to the organization since 2006.

Additionally, FamilyMart is involved in the World Food Programme's Corporate Program as a partner and plays a public role in society working alongside the organization.

Since 2016, we have donated a portion of the proceeds from the "FamilyMart Connecting Dreams Foundation Donation" to a school feeding program run by the national government of Myanmar.

World Food Programme

Myanmar School Feeding Program

Due to inadequate economic development, roughly 15% of Myanmar's population is under nourished. It has been said that this is stunting the growth of some 35% of children under five. By supporting the Myanmar's School Feeding Program and providing preschoolers and elementary schoolers with a 75 g daily supply of nutrient-enriched biscuits, FamilyMart is working to improve nutrition and education in the country.

Supplying nutrient-enriched biscuits (Myanmar)
© JAWFPSupplying nutrient-enriched biscuits (Myanmar)
Program name Myanmar School Feeding Program
Purpose Supply preschoolers and elementary schoolers with 75 g of nutrient-enriched biscuits
FY 2016 Results Provided school food for 1,830,479 children

Activities in collaboration with local NGOs / NPOs


We work with local people, NPOs, and corporate volunteers to contribute to communities and society at large, with the aim of turning our stores into "communication centers" that local communities can depend on.

1-yen Coins of Love

With money collected from the “'1-yen Coins of Love” donation collection boxes, we have made continuous donations to social welfare councils in areas where we have stores. And, through drives conducted at our stores, we have engaged in regular fund-raising activities for refugees around the world and children in developing countries.

1yen Coins of Love donation box
1yen Coins of Love donation box

Hosting of Events to Support People with Disabilities

We lent our support to an event hosted jointly by the Wheelchairs and Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA) and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, hosting the event in our UNY stores. Through these efforts, we work to promote wheelchairs and thus support the self-reliance of people with disabilities.

WAFCA wheelchair support activities
WAFCA wheelchair support activities

Smile Operation Campaign by the Médecins du Monde

The Médecins du Monde is an international NGO established in Paris in 1980, that provides humanitarian medical assistance through the dispatch of professionals, mainly in the medical and sanitation field, to various countries throughout the world.
The Smile Operation campaign, which aims to send joy to children in the world, is an effort to provide medical assistance to children in developing countries suffering from congenital afflictions, as well as facial injuries inflicted through warfare. UNY supports this campaign by collecting donations and messages for these children in some of our stores.

Smile Operation Campaign
Smile Operation Campaign

Efforts to Support the UN WFP

The UN WFP is a UN organization that works towards a world without hunger. UNY, as a member of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme, conducts One Coin fundraising efforts with our employees. During lunchtime on the first Sunday and Monday of every month, employees at our stores and head office donate one coin from their wallets to raise money for the School Meal Programme, which provides support to children in developing countries.

One Coin fundraising effort in front of the cafeteria at the head office
One Coin fundraising effort in front of the cafeteria at the head office

Contribution to society through clothing collection

UNY works with NPOs and volunteers from local companies to collect clothing that our customers decide they no longer need. The clothing collected is sent to Asia, Africa, and South America through the NPO Japan Relief Clothing Center and Nippon Express.

We also collect clothing customers no longer need at our stores and recycle them into materials for automobile interiors. Customers who bring in clothing receive “eco shopping cards” that they can use as coupons, and UNY donates 1% of each coupon's value towards disaster relief and greening efforts. We donated ¥1.57 million in fiscal year 2016.