Material Issue 3Strengthening of supply chain management that delivers safe and reliable products

Promotion of fair and transparent business activities

Committed to supply chain safety and reliability

In international society the scope of social responsibility extends not only to our company and our group companies but also to the supply chain. For this reason, in regard to the supply chain of FamilyMart UNY Group companies, the group has created Sustainability Procurement Principles and Supply Chain CSR Code of Conduct that call for preserving biodiversity, protecting natural resources, compliance with laws and social norms, respect for human rights, prohibitions against discrimination, worker safety and health measures etc. Moreover, by operating under a unified policy with all of our business partners, the group is focused on being socially and environmentally responsible and reducing risk.


Committed to supply chain safety and reliability

Build a sustainable supply chain

In February 2018, FamilyMart UNY Group established “Sustainability Procurement Principles” and “Supply Chain CSR Code of Conduct.” We are striving to be a sustainable society throughout the entire supply chain, not only with respect to the group but also in cooperation with such business partners as suppliers of agricultural, livestock and marine products, subcontracted makers of private brand products and original products, and importers.