Material Issue 5Enhancing diversity

Promotion of the acceptance and activity for diverse human resources

Efforts Towards a More Comfortable Work Environment

We are engaged in a variety of efforts to promote a better work-life balance, not only for the women and permanent employees, but also for men and part-time employees, even when they are faced with life events like childbirth, childcare, or family care.

FamilyMart UNY Holdings earned a three-star rating in the Nikkei Smart Work Survey, which ranks companies based on how comfortable it is for employees to work there. We will continue to work on ways to advance work-style reform so that we are able to maximize our performance as an organization.


Efforts at UNY

Here at UNY, we believe that the "base of a company is its people." We thus support a better work-life balance for our employees--not only the full-time but the part-time employees as well, who make up 80% of our workforce--and have established a work environment where employees can work with a sense of excitement and exuberance, and grow into human resources with extensive experience and knowledge.
We are also working to expand our roster of in-house policies so that employees can work while engaged in child care or family care. The "Reduced Working Hours for Childcare" policy, which employees can use until their child is in their third year of elementary school, even applies to part-time employees that work over a certain amount of hours. We have also extended the limit for family-care leave from 93 to 365 days, made it possible to go on leave multiple times, set up a system that provides half-day leaves for family-care or taking care of a sick child, and have made it easier for those on leave to return to their jobs by making efforts to have them work in stores close to their homes. In 2016, we also made it possible for employees to receive five paid vacations within two years of them or their spouse having a child.
We are also working to reduce overtime hours, with permanent employees designating two no overtime days per month, and with efforts to eliminate unnecessary tasks to improve work efficiency. We also encourage our employees to take more of their yearly paid vacations by offering a half-day vacation policy, as well as two days' worth of "anniversary" vacations that employees can take for their own birthday or a family member's birthday, and more.
In order to expand the systems in place to support employee lifestyles and work lives, we have also established a mental health inquiry counter headed by 1-2 employees in each store, set up a hotline that allows employees to consult directly with General Manager of Legal or Human Resources Department, etc., and have made these services available to all employees.

Certified Childcare Support Company

In 2008, we became a certified Childcare Support Company when we earned the Kurumin Mark from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. This was a result of our efforts to increase the number of childcare and family-care oriented policies, and create a better work-life balance for our employees. We also were registered as an Aichi Prefecture Family Friendly Company, and even received the Family Friendly Company Award in the Major Firm Division in 2013, on the basis of our efforts to expand childcare-oriented policies to part-timers, and our encouragement of employees to take their yearly paid vacations.

Next-Generation Certification Mark(Known as Kurumin)
Next-Generation Certification Mark
(Known as "Kurumin")
Aichi Prefecture Family Friendly Mark
Aichi Prefecture Family Friendly Mark


Efforts by FamilyMart

FamilyMart is working to realize a better work-life balance for our workforce, so that each of our employees can work while feeling a sense of purpose and meaning in their work lives. We have established policies for childcare leave, childcare employment, and family-care leave, so that not only women but also men are able to have more of a balance between their work and home lives. Starting 2016, we have extended family-care leave to 365 days, and family-care employment to an indefinite period, and have made it possible to take this leave/employment across multiple periods. We have also made half-day vacations easier to take, allowing employees to take half-days off for family care and to take care of sick children. The "Sukusuku Kyuka" policy was also implemented to allow employees with newborn children to take five days of special paid vacation in a row, up until their child becomes elementary school first grade. We hope these short-term childcare leaves will help to cultivate a culture where men are more involved in childcare.
We are also making efforts towards the optimization of work hours through labor-management coordination, so that our employees can feel safe and secure about their workplace.
We have set up and will adhere to the "Leave the Office Before 8PM Rule," have set "No Overtime Days" once a week where the entire company leaves on time, will encourage our employees to take their paid vacations, and as a general rule turn national holidays into fixed holidays, to cultivate a comfortable working environment for our employees.

FMWP (FamilyMart Women Project) start-up ‒ start from promoting women's success ‒


The Diversity Promotion Department created in fiscal year 2017 is moving in the three areas of “top commitment,” “leadership training” and “bottom up” consistent with its mission of “like Family -- The power of diversity. To the bright, shining and vibrant future for everyone.”

Top commitment: The Diversity Promotion Department created the Diversity Promotion Committee composed of management and appointed the company president as committee chairperson. The Diversity Promotion Committee views diversity promotion as an important factor in business management and considers specific diversity measures that should be implemented in order to increase corporate value.

Leadership training: The Diversity Promotion Department implement diversity training for general managers and higher of all departments in October 2017 and for section managers in fiscal year 2018 for the purpose of promoting diversity based on a diligent understanding of diversity issues.

Bottom up: As one of the bottom-up activity, the Diversity Promotion Department instituted the FamilyMart Women Project (FMWP), which is an activity coordinated by women in FamilyMart for the advancement of female employees working at the company.

In fiscal year 2017, the FMWP college, guided by the theme of “We change workstyle,” saw female employees develop their own ideas and conduct demonstration projects in their own work areas, to increase productivity and come up with innovative working methods to provide new value to customers. The demonstration projects, such as opinion exchanges with executives and department managers becoming mentors, were tried as company-wide activities. The culmination was an awards ceremony in January 2018 for the purpose of sharing good practices. Teams that demonstrated strong benefits received grand prizes. In the future, we will organize “Diversity Promotion Section Committees” with heads of divisions responsible, and raise the degree of execution toward full employee participation in diversity promotion.

FMWP (FamilyMart Women Project) start-up ‒ start from promoting women's success ‒
Participants in FMWP college
Participants in FMWP college

Promote workstyle reforms through membership in the “IkuBoss Corporate Alliance”

In November 2016 FamilyMart became a member of the “IkuBoss Corporate Alliance” created by the NPO Fathering Japan. We are actively working to change manager's way of thinking and train a new generation of the ideal boss (IkuBoss) to respond to the advancement of women, men who enjoy child raising and other types of employee diversity issues. The promotion of workstyle reforms is aimed at a workplace environment that can maximize employee capabilities.

Male employee voices (FamilyMart)

IkuBoss declaration

While some think “managing job and home to achieve a work-life balance is really a dream,” in fact I think both rest on the same ground. One of the members of my team, a man who enjoys taking care of children, said: “On no overtime days I sometimes go to nursery to pick up my child. With a happy face my child says 'My daddy has come!', and my tiredness quickly disappears. I then put my child on the bicycle and we go home. Doing this I can understand how hard it is to bring children and pick them up from the nursery. In addition, when going to the local public bathhouse for a fresh bath, many senior citizens are there. So, it's possible to know about the many diff erent lives of people.” Currently I am in the middle of a job posting away from family, but on days off I go home as much as possible, I cook and do other things to actively help my family. Nowadays, when I go home I look forward to my child giving me a hug. Since it is necessary to understand the point of view of customers, I believe it is important to adjust the work-life balance in order to lead a regular life with family. The development of subordinates is a top business priority for company managers. In order to increase work efficiency, I am also creating an environment that works by setting an example.

Tatsuhiko Asakawa
Tatsuhiko Asakawa Assistant General Manager International Business Division
FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

Human resource development efforts


In fiscal year 2017 FamilyMart established the “Human Resource Development Department” under the direct control of the company president. The mission of this office is to centralize the human resource development structure, enhance the skills and careers of employees and realize a company that “wins with its people.”

Above all, the presence of supervisors that are connected franchisees and headquarters is considered as the basis of support for business development. FamilyMart is focused on the major challenge of human resource development to “develop supervisors who produce significant results.” The company is organizing a business process and creating a specific development plan to enable supervisors to learn the skills needed for their jobs systematically and efficiently. Along with this FamilyMart is undertaking the redesign of a development program for new employees.

Diversity efforts


Our goal is to create a workplace environment in which all employees can exercise their individuality and maximum capabilities. At UNY stores the ratio of working women is 78.4%, but the ratio of these women in management is only 6%. In 2014 the company saw its first female executive officer. For the future, a promotion planning is in place with the goal of having more than 10% of management be women by 2019.

In addition, we are working to strengthen programs for families with small children, such as by extending the periods under our “System for Childcare Leave and Reduced Working Hours for Childcare.” In fiscal year 2016, 39 permanent employees and 47 non-permanent employees returned to work after taking childcare leave. Aside from families with small children, we are also strengthening our program for employees needing support for homecare. Fulltime and part-time employees who have family-care situations receive a total of up to 365 days of family-care leave per person and are granted five days per year of family-care time off (families with two or more members, 10 days). In fiscal year 2016, 27 permanent and non-permanent employees used this program.

In addition, based on UNY's principle of normalization, we are making efforts to employ people with disabilities, such as providing vocational experience for people from special needs schools and facilities. Our recent hiring rate for disabled persons is 2.52%. With the creation of the Law to Eliminate Discrimination against People with Disabilities in 2016, we will continue to make efforts to increase the hiring rate for employees with disabilities.

Female employee voices (UNY)

Toward both family care and work

As the average age of workers is increasing, the handling of both family care and work has become an important issue. Given situations of not knowing how long family care will continue or when or what kind of changes will affect an employee, some people have difficulty with standard work arrangements. Thus, flexible systems are needed for continuing to work effectively even while a family-care matter exists. We will proceed with awareness of the family-care leave and other support programs that were amended last year and we will work on conditions to ma ke these programs easy to use.

Mayumi Kondo
Mayumi Kondo Manager General Affairs and Human Resources Department Administration Division
UNY Co., Ltd.

Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

  UNY FamilyMart
Plan period April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2019 April 1, 2016-February 28, 2021
  • Women in at least 10% of managerial positions (section managers and above)

Percentage of female employees: 20%
Percentage of female managers: 10%

  • Reemployment of those who have cited childcare or nursing care obligations as a reason for resignation
  • Extension of childcare and nursing-care leave periods
  • Revision of system for non-regular employees
  • Establishment of in-house conditions that make it easier for women to work and continue working
  • Active hiring of female employees
  • Training and awareness cultivation aimed at the promotion of women to managerial positions

Employment of Global Human Resources


FamilyMart is working actively to hire more international students and Japanese personnel with study-abroad experience, and to strengthen local employment systems in countries where our stores are located. After entering the company, employees of foreign nationality are put through a curriculum teaching them the basics of convenience stores in general, then dispatched to sites/roles that would be suited to their skills. We also offer training sessions for Japanese language skills and business skills for employees of foreign nationality.

Employment of People with Disabilities


UNY is making efforts to hire people with disabilities and create workplaces comfortable for people with disabilities, on the basis of the normalization principle. Our hiring rate for people with disabilities was 2.62% in fiscal year 2017. We also provide vocational experience for people from special needs schools and facilities.
FamilyMart, in addition to making efforts to hire people with disabilities, is also working to expand the area of employment and the scope of responsibility for employees with disabilities. As a result, FamilyMart's hiring rate of people with disabilities was 2.41% as of the end of fiscal year 2017. We are working to expand their area of employment beyond administrative work at the head office or at our retail stores, while working to strengthen our coordination with special needs schools and facilities, since we provide extensive follow-up care for these employees after they enter the company.

Re-Employment of Retirees


At UNY, we have a system to re-employ retirees who express a desire for re-employment as "career employees" until they turn 65 years old, so that they can make use of the knowledge, experiences, professional skills, and abilities they have acquired over their many years of work. Since 2006, FamilyMart has also had a Retiree Re-Employment Policy that allows for one-year fixed-term contracts, renewable until the employee reaches the age of 65.
Both companies offer guidance on how to prepare for life after retirement, with UNY offering a "Life Design Seminar" for permanent employees around the age of 50, and FamilyMart offering a "Life Planning Seminar" for employees at the head office turning 54 years old.