Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders of FamilyMart UNY Group

Stakeholders of FamilyMart UNY Group

Through realization of "Everyday Fun and Fresh," the Group Principle, FamilyMart UNY Group aims to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society, and we believe that it is necessary and essential to actively and continuously engage in constructive dialogue and collaboration with all of our stakeholders. Based on this way of thinking, we have established opportunities to directly receive the needs and expectations of all of our stakeholders regarding the responsibility and role that this group should fulfill with respect to society through its business activities. We take into account the valuable opinions and requests we have received by utilizing them for revision of our material issues and improvement of our business activities, which in turn leads to higher quality product development and services and improvement of our brand management, etc. Promotion of this kind of engagement is useful for the construction of good relationships with all of our stakeholders and is a foundational activity that supports our evolution into a company group that is even more trusted by society.
From fiscal year 2016 to 2017, we were able to create an extremely large number of opportunities for engagement and we received many opinions and requests. Below we describe the status of implementation of engagement with the main stakeholders of the group.

HD: FamilyMart UNY Holdings FM: FamilyMart U:UNY

  Method / content Achievements and evaluation Response / plan

Customers other investors

  • Sales in stores and through online supermarkets
  • Receiving and responding to opinions and requests
  • Holding of customer participation events in stores
  • Reflection in sales and number of customers visiting stores
  • Improvement of the evaluation of products and services
  • Number of contacts into the Customer Service Office: 68,498 (FM), 4,111 (U)
  • Upgrading of products and services
  • Making store management high quality, including the product lineup, customer interactions, cleanliness, etc.
  • Increasing communication opportunities utilizing the store facilities


  • Regular store visits by the supervisor
  • Holding of policy announcement meetings / product seminars
  • Operation of Franchisee Relations Office
  • Support for smooth store operation (FM)
  • The cumulative total number of stores that have converted brands has exceeded 3,000 stores (FM, as of November 2017)
  • Fundamental revision of store operation
  • Enhancement and expansion of store support

Store staff

  • Store staff commendation system
  • Business trip workshops for store staff
  • Number of store staff who received commendations: 32,845; the top prize, the Excellent Staff prize, was awarded to 170 staff (FM)
  • Number of times the business trip workshops were held: 2,714 times Number of participants: 5,345 (FM, from April to end of October 2017)
  • Enhancement and expansion of the commendation system
  • Enhancement of the content of the business trip workshops

Local communities

  • Dialogue with the local community through support for the development of the next generation, crime prevention and disaster risk reduction, and environmental beautification activities
  • Working together with local governments
  • Direct dialogue with elementary schools through the development of the next generation
  • Strengthening of the environment awareness of the children in the local community
  • Contribution to the crime prevention and disaster risk reduction structures of the local community
  • Cumulative total number of participants in environmental cleaning activities: a total of 1.137 million (FM)
  • Number of implementations of the All-Store Cleaning Campaign: 201 stores (U)
  • Proposal and implementation of the development of the next generation and local community activities through the stores
  • Expansion of regional contribution activities based on comprehensive partnership agreements, disaster relief agreements, and watch over agreements

Business partners

  • Information collaboration between companies
  • Installation of an information provision window
  • Implementation of a business partners questionnaire
  • With respect to requests to approximately 900 companies, there were answers from 377 companies (U) including free responses consisting of 16 requests, 13 complaints, and 17 compliments
  • Strengthening of governance through procurement policies and the establishment of a Code of Conduct for business partners


  • Visits of the stores by the President and direct dialogue
  • Implementation of employee surveys
  • Creation of opportunities to exchange dialogue and views with the top management 93.3% of impressions are in line with expectations or exceeding expectations (FM)
  • Fostering a corporate culture which is overflowing with motivation and freshness
  • Improvement of support for work-life balance
  • Enhancement and expansion of the career advancement support system and the education and training structure

NGOs and NPOs

  • Dialogue through the Customer Service Office
  • Donations of funds raised in stores and funds raised by employees
  • Joint holding of events and activities
  • Human support for the operation of organizations
  • Evaluation from an NPO that our Company is excluding its responsibility to stop the sale of animals by mobile vendors (U)
  • FY 2016 in-store fund-raising (excluding donations of relief money): approximately 259 million yen (FM), approximately 13 million yen (U)
  • Effective utilization of in-store fund-raisingand company donations
  • Raising the awareness of employees and customers for the solution of social issues

Future generations

  • Hosting of elementary school students contests
  • Provision of learning opportunities such as workplace experiences, etc.
  • Support through fund -raising donations for the experience-based learning programs run by NGOs / NPOs
  • Cumulative total submissions to the Thank You Letter Contest: a total of approximately 290,000 letters (FM)
  • Cumulative total number of kindergarten children who have participated in the Forest Classroom: approximately 15,000 (FM)
  • Improved rate of participation of the stores and employees in the program


  • Provision of learning opportunities such as workplace experiences, etc.
  • Cooperation and sponsorship for contests aimed at school students/university students
  • FY 2016 internship participants: 348 (FM)
  • 398 teams 124 schools participated in The Most Delicious Food Competition Koshien (FM)
  • 338 people from eight schools participated as designers in the creation of produts from recycled materials (U)
  • Enhancement and expansion of the provided programs
  • Improved rate of participation of the stores and employees in the program

Shareholders and Customers other investors

  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Financial results briefing (including overseas)
  • Meeting to exchange views with investors
  • Information disclosure through the website and the publication of a range of reports
  • Number of shareholders: 13,254 (HD, as of the end of February 2017)
  • Number of people who came to the financial results briefing: approximately 200
  • Individual meetings with investors: approximately 300 times
  • Growth of shareholder value
  • Simple and faithful information disclosure focused on accuracy, speed, and fairness
  • Construction of a sound and highly transparent management system