Specification of Material Issues

Process of determining the material issues

FamilyMart UNY Group has taken the opportunity of the integration to reconfirm the material issues for each of FamilyMart and UNY, the core group companies and determined the "material issues" for this group. When determining the material issues we made comprehensive judgments based on the following process.

Step 1Summarizing the expectations of society

We analyzed requests from local communities, opinions received from our stakeholders, in particular our customers, industry trends in domestic and overseas markets, international norms that this group has already declared its agreement with, the evaluation results from ESG evaluation institutions, etc. to summarize the matters that society expects from us.

Step 2Reconfirmation of the material issues

We reconfirmed the material issues of FamilyMart and UNY taking into account the expectations from society confirmed in Step 1, the Group Princip le, Code of Conduct, and Sustainability Policy, and the management strategy and medium-term management plan for realizing the vision of the company we are aiming for.

Step 3Determination of the material issues

We evaluated the material issues reconfirmed in Step 2 using the "importance in aspects of ESG (environment, society, and governance)" [vertical axis] and the "importance in FamilyMart UNY Group" [horizontal axis] taking into account expectations from society in order to determine the material issues that this group should give priority to tackling.

Evaluation of the material issues in FamilyMart UNY Group

Evaluation of the material issues in FamilyMart UNY Group

Material issues of FamilyMart UNY Group

No. Material issues (goals in the SDGs) Issues of FamilyMart UNY Group

Environmental awareness

Construction of a recycling-oriented society
Contribution to a low carbon society
Toward realization of a society that coexists in harmony with nature
Promotion of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)

Contributing to the development of vibrant local communities as social and living infrastructure

Development and revitalization of local communities
Disaster countermeasures and support for disaster-affected areas
Supporting the development of the next generation
Working together with NGOs / NPOs and harmonious coexistence with local communities

Strengthening of supply chain management that delivers safe and reliable products

Provision of safe and reliable products / services
Dissemination and awareness-raising about ethical consumption
Promotion of fair and transparent business activities

Responding to increasingly sophisticated and diverse consumer needs

Provision of high added-value products
Development of products / services that improve health and welfare

Enhancing diversity

Promotion of the acceptance and activity for diverse human resources
Enhancement of work-life balance and building a workplace which offers job satisfaction