Basic Policy

Sustainability Policy

Based on the Group Principle of “Everyday Fun and Fresh” we at FamilyMart UNY Group always aim to continue to provide new value in the world and to be a presence trusted by our customers. In order to realize these aims, we work together with all of our stakeholders to aim for the formation of a sustainable society and we advocate the following policies.

  1. We get involved in activities that lead to the development of local communities and contribute to better lives for everyone.
  2. We provide products and services with consideration for safety, reliability, and health and construct the supply chain in accordance with fair business practices with our business partners.
  3. We endeavor to give consideration to the global environment, nature, and biodiversity, prevent global warming, and form a recycling-oriented society.
  4. We endeavor to support the development of the next generation together with local communities so that the children who will be responsible for the future can grow up healthily and happily.
  5. We respect people and their rights regardless of their race, nationality, religion, gender, etc. and promote business activities which offer job satisfaction and enable all of the people involved in the business to be successful.
  6. We comply with international norms and the laws and norms in the countries and regions in which we develop our businesses, and carry out our business activities faithfully.

Established September 1, 2017

Sustainability Procurement Principles

FamilyMart UNY Group is engaged business activities that accept the social responsibility of working toward realizing a sustainable society such as preserving the global environment and protecting human rights. For this purpose, we are pursuing business activities that are based on the spirit of mutual development (CO-GROWING) in line with fair rules for producers and business partners, realizing sustainable growth and focusing on the principles below.

  1. We preserve biodiversity, eliminate natural resource transactions, gathering, and fishing conducted illegally.
  2. We reuse renewable resources to protect natural resources at extreme risk of depletion.
  3. As the safety, security and health of customers is the highest priority, we work to secure the traceability of agricultural, livestock and marine products and disclose information to customers that is easy to understand.
  4. We comply with laws and social norms and aim at a sustainable society together with producers and business partners who take social responsibility, including human rights, workers, health and safety, and global environmental preservation.

Established February 1, 2018

Supply Chain CSR Code of Conduct

1. Comply with laws and regulations

We comply with international norms as well as the laws and norms of countries and regions where we conduct business and engage in conscientious business activities.

2. Human rights

We respect individuals and their rights regardless of race, nationality, religion, sex, or any other status and we do not participate in human rights abuses.

3. Labor

Along with considering for the health and safety of employees and achieving a comfortable working environment, we treat workers without regard to sex, age, nationality and handicap and respect sexual diversity, and prohibit discrimination, inhumane treatment and forced labor.

4. Fair business

In accordance with sound business custom when doing business, we conduct business based on appropriate conditions and receive no private profit.

5. Environment

We take responsible attitude toward the global environment, nature and biodiversity, prevent environmental pollution and prevent global warming such as restricting greenhouse gas emissions. We also pursue creation of a sustainable society by including reducing, properly disposing of and recycling waste.

6. Product quality & safety

We provide products and services that are safe, reliable and healthy for customers, and in the case of accidents or defects, respond by quickly disclosing information and notifying competent authorities.

7. Synergy with local communities

We connect with activities related to development of local communities, we contribute to a better regional life through being environmentally responsible for impacts around business sites and plants.

8. Supply chain system maintenance

Based on social norms and in response to social demands, we are working to build a CSR promotion system and internal control systems, as well as maintain risk control systems. We are also increasing CSR awareness of and dissemination in our own supply chain.

Established February 1, 2018