FamilyMart regards the distribution of profits to shareholders, in the form of dividend payments, as a matter of the highest priority. The Company's fundamental policy is one of stable, long-term distribution of dividends to shareholders in line with operational growth. In line with this policy, management since fiscal 2010 has targeted a payout ratio of about 40% on a consolidated basis. In addition to continuous shareholder returns based on EPS growth and dividends, our goal is for our stakeholders, beginning with shareholders and other investors, to see real growth in the Company as a whole. To this end, we intend to continue to focus our efforts on improving corporate value. In line with performance during fiscal 2014, we decidead to pay an annual dividend of ¥106 per share, which was up ¥4 from the previous year. In fiscal 2015, we plan a further increase, of ¥4 per share, for an annual dividend payment of ¥110 per share, the 11th consecutive year of dividend growth.