Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Basic Policies

Based on our belief that strong corporate governance builds enterprise value, we are working to construct a transparent and effective management system. To this end, we are working to establish a system to ensure legal compliance and the accurate performance of administrative work. In addition, to ensure proper corporate governance, it is essential to fulfill our duty of accountability through regular disclosure of corporate information.

(As of May 28, 2019)

Corporate Governance System

As a company that has adopted a company-with corporate-auditors system, the Company ensures the effective working of the supervisory and monitoring functions and the transparency of decision-making through effective management supervision by corporate auditors including outside corporate auditors. In addition to its corporate governance structure, which relies on this management supervision by corporate auditors, the Company selects a highly independent outside director with the goal of reinforcing and improving the effectiveness of management oversight by the Board of Directors and the transparency of decision making. The Company's corporate governance structure in its present state, based on the Board of Directors including the outside director and the Board of Corporate Auditors in which outside corporate auditors comprise a majority, is fully consistent with the building of a highly transparent system that we believe should be established.

Corporate Governance System