FamilyMart UNY Holdings has established the Risk Management & Compliance Committee with the objectives of enhancing our risk management structure and strengthening our structure for compliance with ethics, laws and regulations. In addition, in order to make reports regarding social and environmental initiatives and hold deliberations on the issues, etc. we established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the directors serve as the Chair in that committee together.
The committees hold deliberations and take action from the perspective of the opportunities and risks for the businesses with regards to the management of the risks faced by each business and compliance-related issues, and social and environmental issues.
Moreover, this group has established the Group Code of Conduct and Compliance Guidance, etc. and requires all of the directors, executive officers and employees to comply with these regulations, etc. We have established the internal reporting system to enable consultation with and reporting to experts inside and outside the company regarding the situation in the unlikely event that there is an action in violation of these regulations, etc., and we are operating under the slogan "Do not do, do not allow, do not overlook." By establishing contact points inside and outside the company in this way, we are aiming to correct and prevent in advance our own actions in violation of compliance.

Use of Employee Hotline and Supplier Helpline in Fiscal 2018

Suspected fraud, law breaking, or rule violation 6
Inquiry about labor contract or working hours 4
Inquiry about workplace conditions, behavior, language, or suspected harassment 45
Other 0
Total 55