FamilyMart UNY Group Code of Conduct

Commitment to customers

We continuously create new value from the perspectives of our customers and ensure their lives are secure by thoroughly implementing quality control.

Ethics and compliance

We comply with all domestic and overseas laws and regulations in the places where we conduct corporate activities and we continue to behave with a good conscience based on high ethical standards.

Mutual development with partners

Through business relationships that are in accordance with fair rules and business activities founded on the spirit of mutual development (co-growing), we build relationships of trust with franchisees and business partners and realized sustained growth together.

Sound business management

We carry out proper organizational operation and always keep in mind active and fair disclosure of Company information in order to carry out sound business management.

Creation of an ideal workplace environment

We respect the individual character, human rights, and diversity of each employee without any discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, or gender and will endeavor daily to maintain and develop an open workplace environment that values ambition and rich creativity.

Appropriate information management

We strictly manage the personal information and confidential information obtained through business activities and comply with and respect the rights of third parties.

Environmental awareness

We engage in a variety of activities focused on the global environment and endeavor to realize a sustainable society.

Contribution to local communities

We are aware of our responsibility as a good partner to local communities and contribute to their development and to the building of a safe living environment.

Non-association with criminal elements

We do not associate at all with criminal elements and groups that threaten social order or safety.